Primus e-Care - Business Services

Business Services

PRIMUS e-Care is intended to help our customers conveniently manage their PRIMUS accounts. The following are only a few of the benefits of using PRIMUS e-Care.
  1. Access to your company's PRIMUS accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Change your PRIMUS services as either your needs change or new services become available.
  3. Pay your PRIMUS bill on-line.
  4. Update your company's billing address and phone number(s).
  5. Sign-up for e-Billing to receive your monthly invoice by e-mail.
  6. Set-up preauthorized monthly payments.
  7. Manage your PRIMUS Internet services.
  8. Set-up additional and edit existing e-mail accounts.
  9. Add additional users to your company's e-Care account.